How to get rid of blue jays? (2024)

How do you get blue jays to leave?

The best way to scare away Blue Jays is to use garden decoys like fake owls or cats, reflective mirrors, or noisy accessories like wind chimes. Another less aggressive way to deter Blue Jays from taking over your birdfeeder is to provide alternative food sources.

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What kills Blue Jays?

Adult blue jays are often preyed on by various species of hawks, owls, and falcons. Nestlings are preyed upon by squirrels, cats, snakes, American crows, other jays, raccoons, opossums, and birds of prey, such as hawks.

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What bird food do blue jays not like?

The jays get their own cage-free peanut feeder,” says Deanna Frautschi, Bloomington, Illinois. Another tip to get rid of blue jays is to feed nyjer thistle seed. Blue jays, like lot of bully birds, tend to leave this seed alone, but finches love it.

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What does it mean when you have several blue jays in your yard?

Blue jays relate to everything from strength to confidence to communication, depending on the context in which you see them. For some, these birds have the reputation of being loud, aggressive, and mean. However, certain cultures see them as lucky or a symbol of good things to come.

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How do I stop blue jays from pecking my house?

You may want to start by putting the eggshells near the area where the birds are pecking your paint, then gradually move them away so the jays will no longer be attracted to your house.

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Are blue jays scared of humans?

Blue Jays are such feisty, clever birds and aren't afraid of humans. In fact, they're one of the most intelligent birds you'll see in your backyard. They're members of the corvid family, including other jay species such as Steller's Jays, ravens, crows, and magpies.

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What color do blue jays hate?

The One Color to Avoid

While no color will specifically discourage birds from your yard, having too much white could keep a few birds away. "This probably stems from the stark contrast between white and the surrounding environment," explains Mulvihill.

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Are blue jays aggressive?

It typically gleans food from trees, shrubs, and the ground, and sometimes hawks insects from the air. Blue jays can be very aggressive to other birds; they sometimes raid nests and have even been found to have decapitated other birds. It builds an open cup nest in the branches of a tree; both sexes participate.

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Are blue jays afraid of squirrels?

Description. The Blue Jays at my feeder are really scared of the other birds! They are scared of the doves, the squirrels, and pretty much everyone. They aren't scared of the grackles and The Peep through.

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Are blue jays a nuisance?

Bully birds such as blue jays and European starlings are a nuisance, but you can take some simple steps to prevent them from dominating feeders—and allow less aggressive birds to enjoy your hospitality.

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What attracts Blue Jays to your backyard?

Blue Jays' Favorite Foods

Peanuts in any form—whole, shelled, or even peanut butter—are their favorites at backyard feeders. Putting out a handful of nuts is sure to invite a loud, raucous jay squabble over the tasty tidbits. One bird may even take several nuts at once, quickly flying off to hide his bounty.

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Do Blue Jays come back to the same place every year?

Some are present throughout winter in all parts of their range. Young jays may be more likely to migrate than adults, but many adults also migrate. Some individual jays migrate south one year, stay north the next winter, and then migrate south again the next year. No one has worked out why they migrate when they do.

How to get rid of blue jays? (2024)

What is a flock of Blue Jays called?

A group of Blue Jays is often referred to as a “party” or a “band.” This may explain why Blue Jays often seem like they are hollering out, maybe they just might be singing or doing the Shout.

What is the best deterrent for birds?

What Smells Do Birds Hate?
  • Essential oils. These scents are overpowering to birds, especially peppermint oil. ...
  • Peppers. With most peppers being spicy, their smell often creates a burning sensation. ...
  • Garlic. Birds avoid garlic because it contains allicin, along with its strong, natural odor.
  • Cinnamon. ...
  • Vinegar. ...
  • Citrus oil.
Dec 15, 2022

Is there anything you can spray to keep birds away?

You can use many different DIY spray mixtures to keep birds away. You can use Peppermint Spray, Citrus Spray, Chili Pepper Spray, Lemon Oil Spray, Vinegar Spray, Garlic Oil Spray and Cinnamon Spray to deter birds from certain areas of your home.

Are Blue Jays the most aggressive bird?

Blue jays have a reputation for being aggressive but this just a manifestation of their territorial behavior. Blue jays are not inherently mean but they are fierce protectors of their nests and food sources. Blue jays are one of those bird species that we have unfair preconceptions about.

Can cardinals and blue jays mate?

But whatever color a blue jay/cardinal mix might be, Marilyn's answer was that the birds "belong to different species, so they won't crossbreed." She is right about blue jays and cardinals--no crossbred specimens are known.

Are cardinals more aggressive than blue jays?

Unlike blue jays, cardinals are not very aggressive birds. As a matter of fact, it's pretty safe to say that these birds are rather shy. They like to keep to themselves. Similar to blue jays, male cardinals are responsible for protecting their territory and their unborn eggs during breeding season.

Do cardinals and blue jays get along?

This is possibly true for two reasons: these two bird species tend to compete over food, and blue jays kill cardinals at a higher rate than other birds. Blue Jays are predators, and they are often seen chasing other birds away from their nests.

Why do Blue Jays scream so much?

Blue jays scream to secure mates, let their flock know about nearby food, and alert all birds of danger, such as approaching predators. They also scream to scare other birds away from the area and to communicate with the rest of the flock before changing location.

How intelligent are Blue Jays?

Blue jays are a member of the Corvidae family, which includes crows, ravens and magpies. The family is regarded as the most intelligent of the bird species. They have a high brain-to-body mass ratio, similar to the great apes. Crows and ravens, in particular, enjoy showing off their intelligence.

Where do Blue Jays nest?

Nest site is in tree (either coniferous or deciduous), placed in vertical crotch of trunk or at horizontal fork in limb well out from trunk; usually 8-30' above ground, sometimes 5-50' up. Nest (built by both sexes) is a bulky open cup made of twigs, grass, weeds, bark strips, moss, sometimes held together with mud.

Why do Blue Jays pick up and put down peanuts?

They want the biggest reward first, so they're picking up each peanut, looking for the heaviest one. Once they have a heavy peanut in the beak, they fly off to consume it or hide it for a later snack.

Do Blue Jays hate owls?

Blue Jays do not approve of owls in any way, shape, or form, with good reason. Owls as small as Eastern Screech-Owls eat Blue Jays, so when a Blue Jay discovers any owl, it voices its disapproval loud enough to alert jays and other critters, far and wide.

Do blue jays eat hummingbirds?

Hawks aren't the only bird predators that hunt hummingbirds, though. Owls, crows, Blue Jays, American Kestrels, and even some other types of small birds have been known to prey on these tiny creatures.

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